Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My cousin Jeremy!!!!

That's him on the left. It's funny to me how much we look alike in this pic. How handsome are my cousins?! So Jeremy is only 15, but me being a midget he's bigger than me. No surprise there.

I babysat Jeremy when he was little so it really bothers me with him getting old. He has always been the sweetest boy around. Even in high school he's not too embarrassed to hug him mom or me or our grandma in front of his friends. He even comes and looks for me at church to say hi. Awwww.

Jeremy is a sweetie and even though we already celebrated his birthday with some cake and ice cream last night (I got him a rather splendid card) I hope his real birthday today is fun and filled with great things. Love you Jer!!

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