Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol - Tryout Night 3

Alright, Chicago. Bring it.

Obligatory mentions of our president. Obligatory presidential shirts/signs/etc.

Ick. Shania Twain as guest judge.

8:04 - Katelyn's up first. She's good. And cute. Which always helps. I'm going to age myself here though... who's Duffy? Whatever she sang is by someone named Duffy and I have no clue who that is. Oh yeah, she's through.

8:12 - Okay, about to lose my dinner at Amy talking about her dream about Ryan Seacrest. Who dreams about Ryan? And why did she just fake faint? She's psycho. Ditch her.

8:13 - I'm trying to eat and Amy is making it really difficult for my food to stay in my stomach. PUT YOUR BOOBS AWAAAAAAAY!!!

8:15 - Charity is good. Different good. Not packaged pop star good. She's through.

8:22 - Oh look, crazies.

8:23 - REALLY crazy lady? Trying to get bad with Simon. Ha! Simon just told her, "You know you still like me" and walked away. Nice.

8:24 - Angela is back for her third year (I think). I vaguely remember her. She's still good, but she sounds... like anyone else I've heard on the radio. Nothing new about her.

8:33 - Curley... um. Yeah. No. OH! I just realized I actually know the song!! It took me far too long to figure that out.

8:35 - Alannah isn't good. And the judges are pretty much mocking her with their "singing lesson."

8:37 - I'm really confused by Brian. Like, wondering if he's supposed to medicated. Oh, and he's singing Tiny Tim. This is all far too weird for me.

8:44 - Harold scares me. Really. And he's BUTCHERING Usher. Which makes me laugh. So basically I'm doing some frightened laughing.

8:47 - Bad people.

8:48 - John (I think, I wasn't paying full attention) is good. I wouldn't call him great. Shania is paying some SERIOUS attention to him. And now said he has "a beautiful bottom end." Which Randy is taking and running with it. He's through.

8:54 - Last audition of the night which means we have a sob story. Paige almost died. So obviously she'll make it through. She's good. Ha, Simon called her indulgent. And he's the only one who said no. But everyone else put her through. After entirely too much fake deliberation from Randy.

8:58 - WAIT! Justin, Keith, and Marcus all got lumped together for a last minute show. And they're all through now.

And so we're done. Tomorrow is Orlando. Only an hour again. Hallelujah. Although I may not be live again. You know, church and all. See you tomorrow night!

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