Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol - Tryout Night 4

Orlando. And Kristin Chenoweth is the guest judge. LOOOOVE her! No time stamps tonight. Because this totally isn't live.

Holy cow. Theo is flaming. Stereotypical flaming. And his pants are tighter than mine. No surprise that he's not good.

Okay, there was far too much focus on the "fun" that Kristin and Kara are having. I love Kristin, but I don't care enough to waste time on that segment.

Seth has an autistic kid. So that's the angle the show is working. He's good. The girls look insanely happy. So he's obviously through.

Okay, all the time filler is seriously annoying.

Jermaine is good. Kristin loves him. Randy must be smoking crack because he thinks it's the best he's heard this season. It was good, but not THAT good.

Shelby has a legit story. The right side of her face pretty much doesn't work. Kristin is BEAMING. Aaaaand Shelby just forgot the words. But the judges are laughing so it's good. They're putting her through.

Awwww, no Kristin for day 2 in Orlando? Boo.

Jay is beatboxing "Come Together" by the Beatles. He's good, but I hate that he did it to this song in particular. I love the Beatles. Okay, now he decided to sing. And he was actually good. And Kara and Randy put him through.

Medley of good chicks.

Cornelius is actually singing Tina Turner. And he did the splits and ripped his pants. They're putting him through. I'm guessing it's mostly because they're laughing too hard to say no?

Um, nice to see sisters striving to look like adult film stars. Bernadette is alright. Amanda is a little better, but not much. They seem to think their "hotness" will work. Hubby just commented on their "creepy relationship." He's got it. They're freaks. Ugh, they're actually through. Doubt they'll last (I'm hoping anyway).

Jarrod sounds like he's not all there. And he's making my headache worse by singing "Amazing Grace" a.k.a. The-Most-Overdone-Song-EVER. And he refuses to leave. Security had to physically restrain him! Nice!

Matthew was a STUPID teenager. He robbed a bank with a BB gun. Seriously. He's actually good though. Dude, Simon just gave him a "brilliant." Kara's predicting Top 12.

Dunzo! Until next week!

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