Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Happy Wednesday folks! How are things with y'all? Things have been... well, not quite crazy, but definitely not boring around here.

Last week I spent (or wasted depending on how you look at it) my time making a skirt. With no pattern or anything. So not-so-surprisingly it didn't come out right. I managed to recover and find something to wear to the party that the skirt was intended for. And it was quite a party. Good times were had.

The day after this party (where I went to bed after 4am) I went on the always splendid adventure of trying on bridesmaid dresses. But I had recovered and I had a TON of fun. This is the wedding of one of my BEST friends. And her sisters (both younger than us) still find me amusing when my husband and family do not. This made dress selection VERY fun.

And now I'm prepping for Valentine's Day and keeping an eye out for party ideas (I really am looking mom).

So after all that, here's the wish list for today! I found this site accidentally and fell in love. It's called Unique Vintage and they have ADORABLE dresses and things. So I decided I'd share some of the adorableness today. Even if I'm not quite sure I could pull off the whole vintage look... but moving on...

I am pretty much coveting this swimsuit. I tried on a similar shape last year so I know it works on me. And a one-piece is important for people like me who hang out with small children or go on church trips. No inappropriateness here.

This dress is adorable. It's vintagey and yet not obviously so. I think I could wear this one.

I. Love. Houndstooth. Therefore, I love this dress. Again, not so blatantly vintage that I couldn't pull it off. Right?

This won my heart. It's purple. And I'm pretty sure that would just be a flattering shape. And the full skirt would have me twirling constantly.

This dress is so many kinds of cute. Ruching at the waist? Yes please. It also comes in a solid and a plaid.

And then this one. It's a little bit school teacher, but not stuffy. I likey.

The site has more than just vintage-looking stuff. I spent a lot of time on it the first time I clicked over. It's pretty easy to get lost in full skirts and pretty things.

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MalContent said...

My mom would totally squee at that site. Along with, oh, 90% of the girls I know. Ha ha!