Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi Friends

Just so you know, posting may be light for a week or so. I'm trying to figure out some weekly features and such. And I think I'm still recovering from the craziness of the holidays.

But before I go, is there anything you want to see or hear from me? I might bring back Friday photos, even though my computer tends to make uploads painful. I also plan to keep posting when I've baked fun things. And now that I've been sewing and crafting for a bit, I'll probably show off some of that stuff. Starting with some of the stuff I made for Christmas... but not just yet.

So sorry if I'm not around much. Just trying to decide what will keep this thing enjoyable.

1 comment:

Steven said...

your baking goodies!

i'm always a fan of seeing what people can create -- and i know what you're capable of :)