Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Things...

I'm still trying stuff out here people. Not sure what will become regular and what I'll get tired of. So bear with me. I thought about this one yesterday and decided it goes nicely with my randomness.

I'll share five things I think about any given subject. It could be pop culture, aspects of daily life, or actual news events. Just another way to throw my opinion out there. Because it's my blog, and since you're here I'm guessing you want to know what I think. Right? Feel free to comment your own thoughts on the varying subjects.

Today, in honor of the start of American Idol tonight (and my return to live blogging!) I decided to post...

5 Things About American Idol

  1. I'm super stoked that Ellen DeGeneres is going to be joining the judges this season. I love her humor. She's going to be fun. I only wish we didn't have to wait until Hollywood week to see her.
  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE Simon is leaving after this season. What? You say you didn't hear that yet? He officially announced it yesterday because he's bringing X Factor over to the States (that should be capitalized, right?). I'm disappointed. And highly doubt I'll be watching American Idol after this season. We shall see...
  3. I'm one of those people who still enjoy the audition phase of the show. The meanness is a guilty pleasure of mine. But also, if I'm not paying attention during tryouts, I'm not going to get into the show. I need to see them to really care about the rest of the season.
  4. I hate results shows. The bad group numbers, the fact that we're wasting a whole time slot on something that could be done in a minute during a commercial break... I love my DVR on results night.
  5. As much as I enjoy the show now, I've never purchased a CD from a winner. I do have a Kelly Clarkson CD, but my mom gave it to me. Same with Daughtry (besides, he wasn't a winner). But other than that, I haven't liked anyone enough to run out and buy their music. Guess I'm not their target demographic.
There you are. Your first version of "5 Things." Hope you had fun. Feel free to throw in your input. And look for it to show up again soon, but who knows what it will be about at that point.

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