Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My aunt Brenda!

This is her with two of my cousins (not her boys though).

She's my mom's older sister and she was pretty stoked to have a niece (I've mentioned I was the firstborn, right?). So she pretty much spoiled me. And let me be the flower girl at her wedding. And has just been an awesome aunt.

When we went to Alabama she stayed at my grandpa's with my brother and cousin. She was up one night and in the kitchen. She opened the pantry and swears that "a HUGE cockroach JUMPED onto her head!!" That's how she tells it, I promise. She screamed bloody murder. Then went and scolded the boys for not coming to her rescue. We all got a good laugh when she told us the next morning. Especially since she pretty much acted it out.

And one of my other aunts swears she cried loudly at my wedding. I don't remember hearing her, but it's fun to hear my aunt Kathy imitate her. Actually, it's hysterical to hear her imitate her.

Even though we get good laughs sometimes, we still love her. So happy birthday aunt Brenda! Love you!

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