Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 Things...

Maybe you should be expecting this on Tuesdays for awhile. I'm definitely having fun thinking of potential lists...

Today, 5 Things about PARTIES!
  1. I'm going to my cousin's cocktail party this weekend. Totally last minute. Which means I'm crazy enough to attempt to make myself a skirt. Call me insane.
  2. After watching the Golden Globes this weekend, I realized I REALLY want to throw a ridiculous party where my guests come dressed up and we have a red carpet, and ballots, and swag bags... it would be FABULOUS.
  3. I actually don't go to many parties anymore. Besides family birthday parties. But hubby and I don't run with a crowd that parties much.
  4. I have enough "themes" in my head to get married and throw an amazing party at least five more times. Hubby has not agreed to let me have this many vow renewals... yet.
  5. Speaking of weddings, and having themes in mind, my cousin pretty much has her wedding planned in her mind. And I cannot wait to be a part of it. But I guess we should find her a good man first...
I'm in a party mood. I may be in party mode this week, so forgive any missed posts or absentmindedness. I'll take pics Saturday to make up for it.

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