Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My Bonnie!!!

I've talked about how awesome Bonnie is. So there's not much need to go into it again or you people may tune me out.

Here we are on New Year's Eve. As if you couldn't tell from the wonderful adornments on our heads, right? She's been a part of my life for about fifteen years now. Which is insane to think about. But I can't wait for the next fifteen years. And hopefully she'll be grandma Bonnie to my kids one day.

I love you Bonnie! Happy birthday!!
Love, Ceniza*

*If you're dying to know, it's a nickname from back in the day. She still writes it on my presents sometimes and I still sign cards that way.

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princess Slutty Pants said...

I love you very muchly Ceniza! Princess Slutty Pants