Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in Pictures... Part 2

The second half of the year was busier than the first, so this turned out a little longer...

I ended up with a whole family of ducklings when their mom died. They're now happily living at our aunt's.

I got strep throat from my nephew and had to get a shot in the rear. He had no sympathy and laughed when his mom told him.

We took a trip to Great America. Four adults, three kids.

We laughed at the similarities between my niece and Angelica.

And Tad waited all day to see Spongebob.

We took one last beach trip with Tad before he had to go to school.

And took pictures of our feet in the sand.

My baby started Kindergarten. And looked so grown up.

He was really excited, me... not so much.

He loves school now and is doing really great.

I went on my first hunting trip. Which was totally unsuccessful because does are not legal here.

I also found out I can rock the Real Tree camoflauge.

I went to see Dave Matthews Band with my mom. And LOVED him.

I made some super cute invites for one of the most random bachelorette parties ever.

We had fun though, I think it was just right for sissy.

Then sissy got married at the beginning of October. And this amazing picture (as well as many more) was taken by my dear friend Steven.

The wedding was... well... when it finally happened it was nice. We make one good-looking wedding party.

I was not without my moments of frustration though.

But this little man was as adorable as ever.

We went to Las Vegas right after the wedding. I was in need of a vacation. I actually won some money!

Hubby got to meet one of his heroes.

And I got to drive A BRAND NEW CAMARO!!!

Mom and I slaved over Halloween costumes. They were totally worth it.

Thanksgiving came and went. I was rocking the glasses for a couple weeks because I'm such a slacker at making appointments.

There was leaf-jumping, because that is what you do in the fall.

There was my birthday trip to Tahoe, complete with snowmen, snow fights, and sleigh rides.

And my little manlet had his first Christmas program and awards ceremony. I don't want to brag too much, but he's pretty darn smart.

We celebrated Christmas in three different places (four if you count our early Christmas with hubby's dad, five if you count Christmas Eve).

And we took Tad on his first trip to Bass Pro. Hubby was excited. And Tad had fun.

They especially enjoyed the "Shoot'n Arcade." Where I scored higher than hubby. And yes, we bought Tad that hat. It's mighty cute. It has a buck on the front of it.

We'll be celebrating at my mom's tonight. Surrounded by people we love. I can deal with that.

And with that... goodbye 2009. I'm ready for the new things 2010 will bring me.

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Steven said...

I'm a huge fan of the shout-out :D