Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, Hi There Monday

Gee, I barely even noticed you. So thanks SO much for announcing your presence via new computer issues.

Yup, when it's not one thing with this (insert bad word here) it's another.

I can read CDs, but not burn them. There's all kinds of little things that have been adding up. And now it's just one more thing. My power cord is being persnickety.

Apparently the wires near the part that plugs into the computer must be coming loose or something. Because we had to ghetto rig it last night with some tape to keep it stable. Basically if you look at it wrong it gets butthurt and stops supplying power. And if I don't notice that that's happening my computer shuts down in about thirty minutes. Because, did I forget to mention? My battery is so old that my computer NEEDS to be plugged in.

Best part? The stupid charging cords are expensive. And seeing as how I'm hoping a new computer is in the budget soon, it would be stupid to spend more than ten bucks on something that would only be needed for about a month or so.

Oh joyful computers and their issues. Guess it's one more thing I get to put up with. I swear it's like having a needy boyfriend. And I already did my time with one of those.

Happy Monday anyway. At least it's finally raining here. That makes me happy.

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