Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let Me Help... With the Dudes

Hello all! A lot of blogs this time of year post gift guides. A collection of things ideal for a certain group/type you may be shopping for. It always looks fun to me, so I thought I'd give it a shot this year.

And today I'm starting with one of the most difficult groups there is: the dudes.

I hate shopping for the men in my life (well, the ones over twelve years old anyway). Gift cards aren't exciting for the giver. Clothes aren't exciting for the recipient. Movies are old news (unless it's one they're really dying for). So I headed on over to my favorite place on the interwebz (hello there, Etsy my love) and found some fun things that could work for the men in your life. Or maybe that's just my life. Because when I was looking at this stuff I totally had hubby, brother, and dad in mind.

Hubby and I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force. So does my brother. There's a chance you know someone who feels the same. So give them this clock, and wait for the laughter to begin. (via ComicMadness)

I don't know anyone who uses a money clip, but I'd like to think that one this cool could convert some guys from their wallets they still have from high school (I'm talking to you, my dear husband). (via CosmicFirefly)

Now, THIS I can see hubby wearing. He's a steak man. And this shirt would crack him up. I'm sure you know some men that would enjoy wearing some tasty mean on their shirt. (via variousandsundry)

These are sweet. Do you recognize them? They're totally Invisibility Stars from Super Mario Brothers! Guys don't like sweet and sappy ornaments. They want something that is totally them. And if you know a guy who loved Nintendo, he'll dig putting these up on his tree. (via Livethislife777)

Okay, to be fair, there are a good amount of female fans of Lost as well as males. But again, I can't help but picture these on your college brother's fridge. Aren't they perfect and just geeky enough? (via Slevin11)

Maybe it's just my husband, but he LOVES bottled root beer. The good stuff. So these glasses made from actual IBC bottles (his favorite brand) would be super cool. If you look at the seller's other items you'll see some glasses made from beer bottles too. Just cool. (via YAVAglass)

I saw this and thought of my buddy Steven. He was the photographer for my sissy. And he helped me out with a photo shoot that shall not be revealed because it's being used for Christmas. It may not be a camera bag, but it's still fun! The color isn't girly, and the picture isn't either. I like it. A lot. (via happyfamily)

Haha, I can't tell you who I'm thinking of getting this for, but just know that I have someone in mind. Isn't it fun? It would be extra fun packaged with the DVD for one of your favorite guys. (via SerendipityEight)

I love Blue Moon. It makes me happy (I happen to have some of their winter brew in my fridge right now). This soap is just cool. And totally manly, right? (via dennisanderson)

And finally, I bring you this. Coffee sleeves. With the caffeine molecule embroidered on them. LOVE it! But I'm kind of a science nerd (I actually ended up enjoying chemistry the second time around...). Fun for your science nerd. Or smart guy. Or just a guy that would appreciate the humor. (via ragnazldnar)

There you go! My first gift guide! I prefer my title over "gift guide" though. And now I'm off to scour the web for my next category. Don't be surprised if it's full of Etsy goodness as well.

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Pro-Portional said...

I love the lost magnets but wouldn't it be really cool if you could have some as patches as well?

The camera bag is really cute.