Saturday, December 26, 2009


Is it just me or does everyone get sick right after Christmas? Hubby didn't feel well on our way home last night. Feverish, achy, and losing his voice. He had been fighting something all week. So as mean as it sounds, I ended up sleeping on the couch. No sense in both of us being sick. He agreed.

So today... I feel icky. I woke up fine. But while I was at the movies with my in-laws I started to feel funky. My throat was getting scratchy. So I came home and took a nap (at almost 7 pm). Still not feeling great, but not really worse either.

If I had known I would get sick anyway I would have just slept in my own bed with hubby last night. Oh well. I'll load up on meds, oranges, and vitamin water before I go back to bed tonight.

And because I had such boring, sad news for you today, I give you a picture. It's hubby and me when we were in Tahoe for my birthday. We did a sleigh ride and it was GORGEOUS. So here we are, lake in the background and all bundled up. Stay healthy friends.

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