Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Year in Pictures... Part 1

I take a lot of pictures, so this needs two posts. Just another fun way for me to share my year with y'all.

We rang in the new year with friends and family. It was a crazy night.

I went to see my boys play on multiple occasions. And this isn't the goofiest we got.

Hubby and I went on unplanned adventures, which is how we ended up playing in the snow in our t-shirts.

Then there were planned adventures with Tad.

Hubby turned 30 and we had a party on one of the coldest, windiest, rainiest days of the spring.

Hubby and I headed down to San Diego for our first anniversary.

My little manlet turned 5. And I made him a cake that I'm still pretty proud of.

The little manlet got to go to the zoo when we went back down to San Diego a month later...

... and he got the coolest picture with a hippo EVER!

We rescued a lot of ducks (and sadly lost a couple).

Tad counted down to Transformers 2, and we of course went to see it right away.

And sissy got engaged! So the hunt for a wedding dress began in June.

This is still a pretty brief rundown of the year, but I don't share every last detail of my life here. Like that one time that we were at a bar and...

Just kidding. Come back for part 2 and another special rundown of my year.

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