Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Have YOU Been Up To?

Oh look, a blog! It's been getting busier around here. Yesterday with some fabric cutting, laundry, and jiu jitsu (I don't actually participate, but if Tad is going I'll try to go and keep an eye on him). Today we picked the kids up like we normally do on Tuesdays and the kids got to make their teacher gifts! I used this idea from Bakerella and because I'm super lame, I forgot to take pictures. We swapped the pink M&Ms for Christmas colors of course. And they looked WAY cute. Oh well, I was pressed for time and that tends to make me forget pictures.

I cleaned this morning though and that means that tomorrow is the day we go get our Christmas tree!!! I MUST get some sewing done so I'll be doing some of that as well. I'm taking lots of pictures of the cuteness for the kids so that will be showing up at some point. Church tomorrow night, then maybe I'll decorate the tree during Glee. It's the fall season finale! What will I do without it??

Thursday morning I have an check up with the optometrist (he gave me a new type of contact so he wants to see me). And more sewing. And laundry. Because Friday at about 5:00 PM I'm out of here for the weekend. Then out of here for our big Tahoe trip as soon as I get back.

So, what have you been doing?

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