Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let Me Help... With those Teenage Girls

Oh, teenage girls. *sigh* Aren't they delightful? Haha, NOT! I'll be the first to admit that I was a rotten teenager. And they can be super hard to shop for. I've noticed that their tastes are getting more and more expensive.

So today I bring you more fun. Focused on your precious angel teenage girls. They really shouldn't get coal in their stocking, as much as they're on your last nerve.

This ring is little and sweet. I would have worn it in high school. Heck, I'd wear it now! (via miasophia)

This necklace is SUPER cute. I can totally see one of my 16-year-old cousins rockin' it. The black chain keeps it from being too pretty. And I LOVE the little bow. (via Invidia)

Plaid is still big this year. Especially this buffalo plaid. And especially in cute colors. I wouldn't mind this cute laptop bag for myself. And if your precious angel doesn't carry her laptop around, it would still totally work for school books. (via SarahJaneMark)

Okay, not to encourage the carrying around of an mp3 player, but this little cozy is too cute. I actually hate that the majority of teenagers walk around with their stupid earbuds in place. It's rude. But I'm not here to rant like an old woman. I'm here to tell you that this ipod/iphone cozy is way too cute for it's own good. There's even a spot for the earbuds on the back. (via curiouspug)

Bows are another big thing still. Especially bows on headbands. I'm far too old for the trend, but I want someone I know to buy this and wear it with pride. It's cute. Cute beyond words. (via chicpeagoods)

Hair pins are cute. And they keep emo hair out of teenage faces. So buy these for your girl. And make her pin her emo bangs back. (via AvenueB)

I would be totally off the mark if I didn't include some Twilight goodness. We all know that girls are RABID for the series (and okay, some women as well... maybe myself included). Get your fan a necklace proclaiming her love for Edward (woooo!) or Jacob (nah). (via WhimsyatHandmade)

Girls like makeup. I still like makeup. And these are a good deal. And so many colors to choose from! I would have been in heaven in high school with some of these shadows. (via theallnaturalface)

And a girl should have makeup brushes. When she has makeup brushes, she needs a nice way to store and transport them. Cue this adorable makeup brush roll. LOVE the damask. (via asoftblackstar)

So there's part two of my lists. I really don't know how long I'll go on with this. If you have any requests let me know and I'll try to find some cuteness for you. Computer nerd brother? Sports-loving boyfriend? An aunt who LOVES Christmas decor? Hit me up in the comments or the email.

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