Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Just a short and sweet note to all you moms out there.

You are amazing and probably under appreciated. But your hard work and tough love make a difference.

Mom - I won't get into it too much here, but you have shown me strength and wisdom so much lately. I'm so glad I can come to you and feel better after we've talked.

Bon - Only you could be considered a mom and a best friend. You've gotten me through so much.

Sissy - You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up. Your children love you beyond words. And I will always be there for all of you.

Rachel - I'm so thrilled for you. You are going to be a wonderful mother. WONDERFUL.

There are lots more people I could address here, but I'll stick with the short and sweet idea - I love all of you!!!


MalContent said...

I like how this pretty much runs the gamut of motherhood. Actual mom, surrogate mom, young mom friend, and about-to-be mom.

Rachel Escobar said...

if i'm the Rachel you mean... you are too sweet. and if not, Rachel--- best of luck to ya! :)

Typhoid Ashley said...

Of course it's you Rachel. You amaze me with how strong you are. I can't wait to see your little one! He'll be amazing like his parents!