Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been so insanely busy that I'm just exhausted. We watch my youngest nephew during the week now (he's 3) and he's SO different than Tad was. It's amazing how siblings can be so different! Then I'm prepping for the bridal shower this weekend. Add to that my role as listener/sympathizer/counselor to some loved ones... *whew*

So have some randomness, because this is as close as I can get to complete thoughts at the moment.
  • So OMG Lost this week. I don't think I have EVER cried that hard over a show or movie. Maybe, but one doesn't come to mind. I mean, full on sobs that left me feeling wiped out when I was done. Then I couldn't even talk about the episode with hubby when it was over. Because THAT brought the tears back. Even reading recaps/analysis today made me tear up!
  • My Tad's birthday turned out pretty good. I took cupcakes and balloons to school for him. Both in the theme of dinosaurs. His class thought the cupcakes were the coolest ever.
  • Speaking of the cupcakes, the chocolate frosting I made for them... *drool* I ate it on graham crackers last night. I'll be honest and say that I considered eating it with a spoon. But that could be my "monthly gift" and it's influence.
  • Claudia, you might be my new BFF. See, my girl Claudia snagged some actual photos (taken by someone we know) of JOSH DUHAMEL!!! Did you hear me? JOSH DUHAMEL! Then gave them to me when I stopped by my mom's office yesterday. Claudia, if I ever get an invite to meet a certain mutual love of ours, I'll totally invite you. I'll even let you have first hug.
  • Oh yeah, one of Tad's little friends from class killed me with cuteness yesterday. As I was leaving, he told me, "Hey Paul's aunt, you're nice." It was adorable.
  • I read somewhere this week that there is a sequel to The Dark Crystal being made. This scares me. Very much.
That oughta do it for me today. I need to get to work.

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iluvcats said...

Here some randmness. My toot toots smelled lika hot dog.