Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to...

My youngest niece, Willow!

This picture cracks me up. That's last Christmas. She finally started to like us enough that she smiles for pictures and even hugs us goodbye. Still won't let us babysit her but...

As I mentioned, Willow isn't really the most... friendly child. That might not even be the word for it. She just doesn't like people immediately. The first (and last!) time I babysat her, she cried. Didn't just cry - screamed. Crawled into her car seat and cried. Cried until she fell asleep. When she woke up she let me give her a snack, but if I looked at her... FORGET IT! It's funny now, but I told my sis that I wasn't watching her again.

But I'll sew for her. I love sewing for her. Little skirts and dresses are easy (and super adorable when you're used to boys!). Good thing she's cute.

Happy birthday, Willow! Love you!

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