Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Things

OHMYGOODNESS. Still not feeling totally recovered. I came home from work yesterday and took a three hour nap. No judging. Wait until you hear the breakdown of my weekend. I posted it on Facebook Sunday...

From Friday night to Sunday morning I spent 19 hours in high heels (like, the 4 inchers), 22 hours with the seester, three bars, one couch guest, and nine hours of sleep at night. I threw in a couple short naps for good measure. *whew* The sleep is what is still killing me. We got in at three in the morning once, then five in the morning the next day. That time change screwed us up there...

So what did I DO? Well lemme tell ya...

Five Things I Did This Weekend
  1. Celebrated mommy's birthday! Went to dinner and hung out a bit.
  2. Shopping with the sister. No major damage, just a couple cute little things.
  3. Met a lacrosse team. This was only unique because I have never met anyone who plays lacrosse. Cool people too. And funny.
  4. Met a super white guy with the most Hispanic last name ever. I obviously won't post it here, because what kind of creeper would I be telling you some random stranger's name? Just trust me, we didn't believe it was his name at first.
  5. People watching. People watching so hard. This is what we do at bars. I actually became famous among the people we were hanging out with for my people watching skills. They told me it was one of the fun parts of their night. If you want to be entertained, take me to Tower on a Friday or Saturday night. Or both. Just don't keep me out late.
Now in case you're wondering, husband is fine with me going out. Because he does this absolutely insane thing that apparently very few people have heard of... he TRUSTS me. OMG shocking! Or it would seem that way when people ask why I'm not out with my husband. His sis and I are super close and have each other's backs. We're good.

This weekend? Much less festivities. Maybe trying to cheer up a newly single friend. Guess we'll have to see.

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