Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Things...

Okay, I was actually thinking about this a couple weeks ago and totally forgot. Or I wrote about something else. But whatev, I remembered today!

So remember my list? Yeah, it needs an update. So technically instead of 5 things today, it's 5 men!
  1. Gerard Butler: Yup. He's still there. Why wouldn't he be? He's HOT and he sings. Perfect.
  2. Robert Pattinson: Okay, I fully came to understand the buzz last year. He's the complete opposite of my typical type (if I had a type I guess it would be totally manly), but I love him anyway. *sigh*
  3. Sam Worthington: New addition!!! The man is teh hotness (my interwebz friends will get the misspelling of "the"). I think I crushed on him when Terminator Salvation came out. Then he just started popping up everywhere and I loved him. Pretty much 50% of the reason I'm so stoked for the remake of Clash of the Titans.
  4. Josh Holloway: I don't know if it's Josh Holloway or just his character on Lost that gets me. Probably the actual character of Sawyer. But whatev, Josh Holloway is NOT bad to look at. And I'm not gonna lie, he was totally in a dream of mine the other night.
  5. Josh Duhamel: He's still there! Even if he did marry Fergie (yuck). I was reminded how much I love him when I watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! last weekend. He's so stinking cute.
There you are. A different version of 5 things today. So I always ask people to share, and y'all never do. I dare you post your celebrity list. DARE you. DO IT.

**So I'm not about to name drop, but ya know the degrees of separation thing? I am one away from Josh Duhamel and two away from R. Patz. Be jealous, haha.**

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princess Slutty Pants said...

David Boroquez..Sealy Booth..Bones...won't miss it. Love looking at him.
Mark Harmon from NCIS is a little old, however very yummy!
I am seriously picky...I only have 2