Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Coolness

Hello!! I made it back from our winter camp! I'm sick (boo), but we had a great time. It snowed on us on Saturday!!! Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes that made me feel like I was in a movie or something. It was awesome. There was a great speaker that the kids really enjoyed and we had some great worship led by a great guy (even if he did enjoy picking on us counselors).

So it's Monday, which means I have some random coolness for you. In the form of an Etsy shop today. I came across these photos on a blog and had to go save the seller, Christine Edwards.

They're dogs in ties.

This is Scooter. I love his wonky ear. Isn't he adorable? You can go ahead and squeal, I give you permission.

And this is Lincoln. He makes me happy too. I kind of have a thing for Boston terriers lately.

I'm seriously considering these two prints for Tad's room... at our NEW HOUSE!!! That's right, we got the house we wanted to rent. We'll sign the rental agreement this week and put in a notice at our apartment. Sometime soon we'll be outta here!!!!

Happy Monday!!

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Steven said...

congrats on your new house! i'm happy for you guys. i'll have to also get you guys some new coffee table material ;)