Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hubby + Overnights...

Equals a bored wife who ends up making things. The last weekend of July was hubby's most recent (and hopefully LAST) series of overnight shifts. I'm a big fat chicken who has trouble falling asleep if my manly husband isn't home with me, so I need things to occupy my time.

So what did I do? Hit a couple websites with DIY projects and spotted instructions to make these beauties. I've already worn them both too!

This one is made with a paperclip and some extra ribbon I had lying around. The instructions called for a hot glue gun, but I just busted out a needle and some white thread to stitch those loops into place. Easy enough for me. (instructions here)
And this one is made out of... five or six paper clips. One for the ring and leaf, and four or five for the actual flower. I might make a few others in different colors now... (instructions here)

This was on a weekend it was too hot to bake, otherwise you would probably be seeing some sugary treats here instead of some oh-so-fancy paperclip jewelry. But I like it!

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