Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Y'all!

As I typed that I was saying it in my head in a very Britney Spears voice. So I have issues... but I've got a hundred things to do today so my brain is a little off.

Woke up and went to Wal-Mart to return a dress (not enough room in the chesticle region) and happened upon a cute shirt for five bucks. Then came home and had some cereal, read the paper, and watched the finale for SYTYCD. I wanted one of the girls to win, so I was happy. By that time I had digested enough to go for my run, so I did. *whew* I hate that I let myself get out of shape, this is going to be actual work!

And now I have to make two kinds of cupcakes (okay, I don't have to but I'm an overachiever), head to my mom's to clean a bit, make a grocery list, and if I have any spare time start planning a bridal shower.

So let's take a moment to watch some goodness this Friday. Since I'm throwing a bridal shower in a few weeks, I chose to go with cute proposals. Which I sat here and watched. And cried. Because I'm a big fat girl.

The only way hubby could have done better (he proposed at Disneyland) would be to do this. We heart Scrubs.

This one made me giggle. I've had that song sung to me at karaoke before. Stupid boys.

I love this. Did I ever tell you guys about the time that we saw a proposal at a concert? It was when we saw Diamond Rio. Every girl in the audience squealed and cried. Myself included.

This is just insanely cool.

And this is the cutest, coolest, most awesome thing ever.

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