Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Idol - Top 6

Oh Idol... you just won't be the same without Colton tonight. I'll confess, I cried a little watching the results last week. I totally knew the results too. But when Phillip looked super sad over him leaving, and then Colton picked the song he did... tears. He'll get a contract. And I'll buy everything he does.

Oh yeah... QUEEN THEME TONIGHT!!! I love this night, it's always amazing or awful.

Um, so Jennifer decided to channel C3PO tonight... wow. Just no honey. I'm your BFF and I feel the need to let you know that you look terrible.

We are currently debating whether Joshua is being pushed as the winner by the producers. I just get that feeling. And that makes me like him a little less.

Also, I let slip a simple, "Oh hi" to Phillip and got a stare from the husband. hee hee

Overall take on the medley. Like. Eric keeps telling me to write what he is saying. It's kinda funny. I think he likes being featured every week.

Jessica is singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" which she will probably nail. Oh gag, the effect with her on the screen behind her is no bueno. Too much producers. I like this a hell of a lot better than her ballads. She's much more fun. P.S. I'm skipping the judges again. No me gusta.

Skylar (*snore*) is up. Oh honey don't try to be cute, it doesn't work. She picked "The Show Must Go On." Good song. So I tried something new and didn't look at her while she sang. I liked the beginning, but then it went downhill. Eric tried my method but said he looked up and it ruined everything. lol

Joshua is doing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." Definitely one of my faves. Good choice for him. I'm laughing because husband is hearing the Dwight Yoakam version and it makes me laugh. Mostly that I know that's what's going through his head. I'm enjoying this though. I approve.

Elise has picked "I Want It All." I gasped and said, "I love this one!" But I think I've said that to every song. Oh the hazards of loving a band... Good choice for her. I liked it. A LOT.

Phillip is doing "Fat Bottomed Girls." YES. I squealed and fanned myself. I'm utterly ridiculous over here. *sigh* Wow. Phillip, call me. CALL ME.

Hollie's turn. Singing "Save Me." Good choice for her. I liked her. I always do though. Eric likes that she doesn't "slut it up" with her outfits.

So for round two I guess we get contestant song choice?

Jessica is singing "Dance With My Father." Husband just made a good point, girl can sing, but she's not exciting. He actually said she bores the something out of him. But I do try to keep it PG around here so I won't type the word he used. I also can't help but laugh at the wind machine.

Skylar's turn again. She's singing something by Jason Aldean. I don't know it. She's TOO twangy. I like country, but she's nasal and twangy and I don't like it.

SADSIES I caught up and now I'm watching live. Boo.

Joshua is up. He's singing "Ready for Love." OMG another standing ovation. Husband just wiggled his fingers and said, "Dance puppets! Dance!" They are so fixing this for him to win.


Elise has chosen Jimi Hendrix. Yes. I want to like her. But I'm just not feeling it much. Some of it is slightly too screechy. Husband likes it.

Phillip. I'm just gonna die right now. Because I already heard he's sing DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. Oh... wooo... no words. Really... no words. Can I just say that I was listening to DMB in the car today and I totally thought to myself, "When oh when will my Phillip sing some DMB?" AND THEN HE DOES AND HE NAILS IT. Apologies to my husband but I am IN LOVE.

Truly, I do not see his performance being erased from my DVR. I'm still swooning. And I want one of the shirts his parents were wearing. I would wear it ALL THE TIME.

Hollie is up and singing "The Climb" but I can't hear it because we have a severe storm warning. Not even for my city. Boooooo. Love the choice for her. And she looks adorable. AND the judges stood for her. Good. Eric was diggin' on her little celebration hop/dance that she did after her song.

Well Phillip for the win tonight. I'm about to propose marriage to the boy right now. Now to get down to who's out tomorrow. Instead of a bottom three we're going with a bottom two at my house.

Eric's choice:
1. Skylar
2. Elise

Tim's choice:
1. Elise
2. Joshua

My choice:
1. Elise
2. Hollie

I know, I didn't put a certain non-fave in there. I'm hoping since I don't predict it she'll leave. I can hope, right??

Elise is the only common thread through all three of us so I'm wondering if it'll be her.

We'll find out tomorrow.

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