Wednesday, April 18, 2012

American Idol - Top 7... Take 2

So no one went home last week. The judges used their save on Jessica. So two go home this week?

Just warning you, this will be a quick less than sunshiny post. I'm tired and just want to go to bed at the moment. I probably won't even listen to the worthless judges tonight.

Let's do this.

Hollie gets to go first. Hollie if you ever read my blog, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. I'm telling you you'd be perfect for my brother. :) She started with "Rolling in the Deep." Love this song. And she seems like she's having a much better time tonight. She's kind of engaging the audience a little. And of course she sounds good.

Colton has a red stripe in his hair now. It made brother in law think of the beer. He's doing "Bad Romance." And changing it up a little. YES. I liked it, but I like it better when he makes me swoon.

Elise is up. She's doing "No One." Good choice for her. She sounds good, but I don't love it for some reason. I'd still keep her over a certain obnoxious "country girl."

Oh Phillip... he's doing Usher. Like, really. REALLY. I loved this song back in the day. OMG. No coherent thoughts... drool... puddle of Ashley on the couch. I just want to jump him!!!! Hm I am fanning myself and swooning all over the place. To the point that husband looked at me and said, "I'm sitting RIGHT HERE." This man... oh this man... Jennifer called him sexy and that's still an understatement.

Jessica gets her turn. She's singing Alicia Keys. Good choice, if not a little predictable. Good. As expected. I think I'm getting too used to her.

Skylar... gotta admit, I'm not gonna watch the whole thing probably. Even brother told me to fast forward. haha She countryfied Lady Gaga. And I am slightly impressed by the arrangement, but I don't like her. Hello remote. Assist me with the fast-forward button.

Joshua's turn. Time for the judges to gush and swoon like they do every week. I like him, but he's not the best there is. Sorry. I also wasn't listening to the song he chose... so I couldn't tell ya. I will tell you the producers are so trying to pimp him as the winner. He always gets backup singers, and dancers and such. They want him for some reason. And he sounds good of course. I like that he has his niche all figured out too.

Round two goes way back. Apparently we're celebrating the spirit of Soul Train. Hmmmmm...

Hollie is back. And she looks adorable in pink. Like a little Barbie. She's singing "Son of a Preacher Man." I just see a Barbie when I look at her in all that pink. I love it! Oh yeah, she sounds good too. But this song was a good choice for her.

Colton... is singing "September." WOW. Husband didn't even recognize the song. I LOVE IT. Perfect for him. Better than his first performance for sure.

Elise part two. Ooooh she's singing "Let's Get It On." Good in theory... not so much in reality. Sorry Elise.

Phillip! *squeal* Singing "In the Midnight Hour." Another thing I love about him is there is no way to mistake his voice. I'm in lurve...

Jessica is singing... I missed it. I was too busy squealing over Kris Allen (because I totally saw him at California Adventure and freaked out). Husband is distracted by the awful pants she's wearing. Honestly, meh. I'm not loving.

Skylar... "Heard it Through the Grapevine." Meh. Do y'all even want to hear how much I'm not excited by her?

Joshua gets the final spot. "A Change is Gonna Come." Fitting for him, but this whole genre kind of does him a favor. So I'm not surprised.

Okay... we're losing two tomorrow. So instead of a bottom three I'm just gonna guess who's leaving.

My call:
1. Elise (it'll finally be that week for her)
2. Hollie (same)

Husband: (he's going with who he HOPES leaves)
1. Skylar (a.k.a "Little Okie Chick")
2. Joshua

1. Elise (prediction)
2. Skylar (want/wish)

Obviously I'm not alone in my non-fandom of a certain female contestant. :) We shall see tomorrow...

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