Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Idol - Top 7

So I wasn't here last week and just watched it all on the DVR. Not much to say about it. Ready for tonight. Wow, the finale is just over a month away? That's fast! And I just realized the girls outnumber the guys at this point. I'm pulling for a Colton - Phillip finale.

So this week's song choices are anything from 2010 to the present. Could be really good or really bad. We've had some crappy music come out the last couple years.

Skylar is up first (meh). She wants a Kellie Pickler song. I feel like the chorus is a little shouty. But then, I'm not a fan in the first place. Randy liked her. Jennifer did. Steven did. Moving on...

Colton is next... *swooooon* My friend already texted me to tell me he's amazing tonight. OH we're at the piano again... he's singing "Love the Way You Lie." I don't know it, but it's cool because it's COLTON. And he's amazing. AMAZING. Jennifer liked it. Steven said he could've recorded that RIGHT now and sold it. Randy liked him. I'm sold.

Oh yeah, we have duets. I forgot.

Phillip and Elise are our first duet of the night. It's "Somebody That I Used to Know." Eeeeeee!!! I like the song already. And Phillip KILLED. Elise was good too. They're just amazing together. I think I like this better than the original. Phillip can come sing it to me anytime.Steven loved them. Jennifer insulted my Phillip a little and I don't know if we can be BFFs anymore. Randy liked Phillip better. Boooo...

Jessica is up. She's singing "Stuttering." Which Jimmy barely knows. And unknown song isn't always fun for me. It's a good choice for her. It fits her voice. Randy tried to sound special by saying he knows the song. Blah blah... Jennifer said it was beautiful. Steven loved her.

Joshua is singing Bruno Mars. I like it. Good choice. But we need to ditch the "dancer." She's just distracting. Standing o from the judges.

Colton and Skylar (bleh) are our next duet. Skylar wants my boy and I don't like it. Woo... fanning myself. They're singing "Don't You Wanna Stay." Which I LOVE. And Colton... well honey YES. Skylar is no Kelly Clarkson. Ouch. The whole living room cringed on one note. Colton makes me wanna stay... Skylar not so much. Eric and I are being mean now and having such fun. We just keep throwing random "nope" at Skylar.

Hollie is adorable. We like her in my house. Ooooh she's singing Pink. Love Pink. Have for years. WHO is the boy on the guitar with her??? Hmmmm... I like this acoustic version she has going. I love her. I stick by my statement a few weeks ago that she should hook up with my little brother. They would be the cutest couple in history. And then my kids would have an aunt with an accent. :) Jennifer was not nearly nice enough. Steven disappointed me. Randy liked her better than last week. Stupid judges. I'm going to get to the point where I just fast forward their worthlessness.

Phillip!!!! Squeals, unicorns, rainbows and love!!! He's doing Maroon 5. Oh that boy and his guitar... here comes the gibberish. The boys have learned to leave me alone so I can have my moment. Because this boy... oh this boy. Wow... that's all I have to say. Steven loves the way he's changed since we started. Jennifer called him underwhelming and I just screeched a not-flattering name at her. Randy said it wasn't his greatest but I DON'T CARE. HE IS PHILLIP AND HE IS FANTASTIC!

The last duet is actually a trio. Hollie, Jessica and Joshua are together. They're singing Kelly Clarkson. They actually sound good together. Fun song. The judges liked them. And I'm done listening to them because they don't like my Phillip.

Elise gets the last spot. She picked Lady Gaga. But a semi-normal song, "You and I." I like her. I still feel like she might be in trouble tomorrow because it seems to be a common thing right now. But she did good.

Alright... so my bottom three for tomorrow... not sure. I would love for Skylar to be in the bottom, but I doubt that'll happen. Here goes...
  1. Hollie
  2. Elise
  3. Skylar (because I'm hoping)

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