Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Update

The list is in desperate need of an update. I just read my old one out of curiosity the other night... yeah. We definitely need an update.

This time I thought I would make it fun and add pictures. You're welcome.

1. Brian Wilson - Yes, he's at the top. I know people hate the beard and some people think he's too weird... but I just LOVE him. To the point that some inappropriate things are said here at home. Hubby laughs it off, no worries. But that man... wooo. *fanning myself*

2. Joe Manganiello - I feel like a picture is necessary here because I know not all of you watch True Blood. Talk about hotness. And he's EXACTLY what I pictured from the books. Actually, he exceeded expectations.

3. Josh Duhamel - He will never leave. Never. He's my Leo. *sigh*

4. Gerard Butler - He almost didn't make it. But then I thought of Phantom. And his accent. And his general sexiness. *drool*

5. Phillip Phillips - I feel like a cougar posting this. I know I'm not THAT much older, but I feel like I am. He's just so adorable!!! And his singing... oh that boy makes me swoon. ESPECIALLY after he sang some Dave Matthews last night. I was a ridiculous, drooling mess. My husband may or may not have been shocked a little...

We'll see how long this one lasts. I just appreciate God's work a bit much sometimes. ;)

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