Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Which I Ramble

People are jerks. Someone stole our little hibachi grill. Right off our back porch. We are SO ready to move, but the right house hasn't come along. I told hubby that if people were going to be ghetto and steal a little grill that cost less than twenty bucks, I'm going to be ghetto and chain things to our railing.

Did I mention hubby's sister is getting married? Yup. Getting married. THIS October. As in 107 days from now. She asked for my help (*happy squeal*) so of course I've been enjoying looking at all things wedding again. From DIY projects, to affordable dresses. I actually need to call one of the bridal shops today and get an appointment for her. Good times.

Of course with a wedding comes the realization that I need to lose some poundage. Not a ton or anything, I came up with an attainable amount I'd be happy with. And really, I don't even care about the scale, I just want to be a cute bridesmaid! Oh, did I leave that out? Yeah, I'm a bridesmaid. So hubby and I are going to be walking and hiking quite a bit.

Hubby and I looked up the fight card for the next UFC event, which happens to be event 100, which you know means it will be HUGE. And the card does not disappoint. But the date does. I have an event to go to. How does that happen so often? There was an amazing fight on the night of our wedding too.

So there's my ramblings. Looking back they aren't very happy. So here, watch a video that made my day because I have a weird obsession with a particular Journey song...

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