Thursday, September 23, 2010


Since we've jumped into Halloween on the bliggety blog, I do believe it's time to start my costume search. You never know if I might have to make something, so the hunt needs to begin.

This year I may have an excuse to dress up THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW. Amazing, no? Friday the 29th we're hitting up a show/costume party. Saturday could be my dad's birthday party. If he would just make a guest list already. And then of course Sunday is the big day itself.

You know me by now. You should know that I will NOT wear the same costume three nights in a row. I have a few I haven't worn yet (hooray for post-holiday clearance). But do YOU have any suggestions for me? I'm seriously thinking Greek goddess for one night. Super easy. But the other two nights are anything goes. My little manlet is going to be Darth Vader and I'm not enough of a nerd to be anything from Star Wars with him (unless you have a good idea).

Help me out?


MalContent said...

Slave Leia! Hahahahaha

Greek Goddess idea rules.

I'm hoping for multiple costume ops too. But if it's more than two I'm SOL for ideas. *grin*

Rachel Escobar said...

how about Rachel from Glee? or perhaps a "cheerio"?