Tuesday, September 28, 2010

5 Things

What's uuuuup?

Do you love when life points and laughs at you? Yeah, I've been having some of those moments. So I'll share them today. Because they do say misery loves company...

5 Ways Life is Trying to Get Under My Skin
  1. I have become the new queen of flat tires. Three in three months. I want a crown.
  2. Picture day is Friday. So who's face decides it's time to revert to junior high? Yup.
  3. I got my new computer, yay! But the build date is over a week away. Let's hope they're severely overestimating.
  4. SOMEONE canceled his birthday plans for Halloween weekend. Booooooo. But now I get to have a party here... which means cleaning. Boooooo.
  5. I get paid this week! My first check! Which I have to use part of for student loans. Ugh.
See how things are here? I feel like I need to sit down with life, offer it a beer, and beg for mercy.

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