Thursday, September 2, 2010

Right Now

Right now I wouldn't mind having...
  • a Starbucks gift card with a large amount of money on it. There isn't one on my way to work (technically), but if I had a gift card I would stop at the closest one every morning. And every Wednesday on my way to church (P.S. - I may have convinced our pastor to bring me Starbucks next week... love him!).
  • a pair of leopard print flats. There's a lot that they would go with.
  • another hour of sleep. Can't wait for this three-day weekend.
  • the powers of mind-control. No comment on who I would use it on, just having it would be amazing.
  • tickets to see GSP and Koscheck fight later this year. Oh wait, I know someone in the UFC now so maybe I should get to work on that...
Right now I will just be grateful that it's Thursday and I'm pretty caught up with my planning. What do y'all want right now?

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