Thursday, September 16, 2010

That's Just My Life

So even though I have my credential I'm not done "learning." There's a class/program I have to go through to clear my credential. Meaning that if I didn't clear it within a certain amount of time, it would expire. I don't know what would happen after that because everyone I know has never left theirs preliminary.

Just a little background info.

So there's another teacher here at work who has to do the BTSA program too. Lucky me! I don't have to do it alone! Well, for a couple reasons we're doing our program a few hours out of town. So yesterday was our first meeting. We did the smart thing and decided to drive together. I don't mind driving so it was no big deal.

The drive up was quick. We got there no problem. We were even early. The class went kind of quick. We didn't feel like we got as much out of it as we could have, but hey, that happens.

Then we go to leave. And there's something wrong with my car. As in, it's moving horribly slow and making a noise. We're still in the parking lot so I just park in another stall.

I have a flat tire.

Not deflating. FLAT. Meaning I ran over something because it was perfectly fine earlier.

Have I mentioned I can't really change a tire? Don't judge, I'm not in the mood.

Oh, and we were two and half hours from home. From anyone we knew.

So I went inside and got a guy to come help us out. He was joined shortly by another guy. They changed the tire and I called hubby. He told me I couldn't go fast on that spare so if I wanted to drive at a sane speed I had to go get it patched. Then I direct my attention to my car. My spare is pretty flat. Thankfully one of the guys had Fix-A-Flat. Then one of the guys directed us to a street where there were at least four tire shops so off we went.

First place. Closed. Ten minutes before we got there. Same story with every other place we tried. We finally found a transmission shop that was still open, but despite my cute looks they told us they don't do tires. They did direct us to a little ghetto-type place that they thought would still be open. So off we went. Not too excited about it getting dark and driving around looking for a tire.

Found the place. Got creeped out by the dude's son. But got the tire patched! For a decent price! And it was quick!

So finally we got on the road and laughed about our adventures. We can laugh now. But driving around a town you don't know looking for an open tire shop SUCKS. We got home at about ten. And I have never been so happy to see my house.

Let's hope that the next adventure to BTSA is less of an adventure.

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MalContent said...

Glad it turned out okay but dang.