Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

I'm giving in. I can't take it anymore. It's only 38 days away and I'm ready to decorate and start celebrating NOW.

Halloween my friends. It's time for my favorite wish lists.

Let's start with some things around the house. Because I have more space to decorate than I did last year. And BELIEVE ME we are taking advantage of it if we can.

I pink puffy heart damask. Damask anything. So this pumpkin runner is perfect for me. (from diningout)

Skulls? Yes. Dia de los Muertos look? Si. I'm in love with these. I know they're coasters but I think I would rather hang them as art. (from FormaNovitas)

I would probably actually hang these things year round. I love black. It matches my soul. haha (from ohshabbyday)

LOOK AT THESE. Gaze upon their cuteness. They're putka pods and I had no clue they existed. These babies would be scattered all over my house. In a vase, glued to a wreath, hanging from my manzanita branches (oooh, I like that idea)... they're going to be ordered. (from roseflower48)

Have I shown you this sign before? I think it would be super fun to put it in the front yard with a bunch of zombie props. Scare the kiddos ya know. (from zedszombieranch)

Oh, and MORE Dia de los Muertos? Of course. This is hand-painted on a bottle. I'm pretty sure I could do this. And I totally have some random empty bottles. Hmmm... I feel a craft coming on... (from twitterpatedpretty)

I'm so stoked. I'm counting down.

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