Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Finally Here!!!

Praise the Lord it's finally my sister's wedding day!!!

There was a lot to do with this wedding so I'm really relieved everything has been done and we can finally enjoy a day. And I'm REALLY thrilled that hubby and I leave for vacation tomorrow.

But I thought it might be fun to celebrate the day being here in some way. Preferably an odd way. So off to Etsy it was, to look at vintage bridesmaid dresses. Because I could really be unlucky and have to wear one of these babies...

There's just no way this can be flattering. No way. (via TimelessVixenVintage)

This made me laugh. It's like, Little Bo Peep's wedding dress! I understand this was the style, but I'm so thankful it's not anymore. (via differentHues)

I think this one could almost be cute. Almost. (via TimelessVixenVintage)

This one popped up on my page and I immediately thought of a space-themed wedding. Doesn't it look kind of futuristic? Click on the link to go see the bodice up close. You must! (via TimelessVixenVintage)

And this... well, there are no words. Except that I think a couple of my aunts have worn a version of this one. I want an "outdated dress" party now. Hmmm... my birthday is coming up. (via differentHues)
So happy Saturday, and happy wedding to my sissy. Feel free to send good vibes all day. Good vibes are always welcome on a wedding day.

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