Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Las Vegas

Wow. Where do I start?

I've seen you before, so the lights weren't overwhelming. Neither were the smut-peddlers or time share pushers. And yes, I think the time share employees can be called pushers. They can also be called aggressive and annoying.

You should probably put your cab drivers through anger management. Or medicate them. I can't remember the last time I heard that much honking. It got to the point where all I could do was laugh. But seriously, one of those guys is going to lose it one day and his head will explode causing a serious accident.

While we're on the subject of driving, let me tell you something... paint is totally affordable. See, elsewhere there are these lines painted in the road so drivers know exactly where their lane is. This helps them avoid straddling two lanes, which helps lower the frustration level of people sharing the road with them. It's also nice to know just how many lanes there are in the road you're driving on. Just a suggestion. Or maybe you don't do it because of the never-ending construction going on all over town. ALL OVER town. Everywhere. But that's a different story...

Not to sound like I had a terrible time. I enjoy the weird, random people. I enjoy shows. I enjoy cheap food. I had fun, I promise. And I'll be back.

But one more suggestion.

For a place known for their all-hours gambling and popular night-life, I have to say I was disappointed with food selection later at night. Why is it so hard to find food late at night? People are gambling, which probably means they're drinking, which could lead to them being hungry. People are coming out of shows, and they might want to go grab a bite to eat. I'm fully aware that eating late at night is not exactly diet-friendly, but it's Vegas! There's nothing friendly to personal health there anyway. So keep a few of those restaurants open. It stinks when you have to leave the strip to find some food.

Will you listen to any of these? Nope. But I'll be back. And I'll keep things in mind for that trip. See you in a few months.

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