Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey Look!

It's a few more Vegas pictures!

So like I said, we did a lot of bumming around and I really didn't take a huge amount of pics on this trip. Tuesday we went to the longest time share presentation on Earth and I thought hubby was going to start throwing punches by the time we left. So to feel better we headed over to Rio to eat lunch and see about getting Penn & Teller tickets.

Okay, hubby LOVES Penn & Teller. He watches their show, Bulls#&t, during his downtime at work. Penn has reached hero status for my husband. So when we managed to get our tickets for HALF PRICE (if you really want to know how, just email me) he was pretty stoked. Hell, so was I! Half price tickets in Vegas? Gimme.

So we went to see them Tuesday night, but there weren't any photos allowed during the show. I didn't know how anal the place would be so I just left my camera at our hotel.

Ugh. Never again.

Penn and Teller were outside after the show. Signing autographs, taking pictures, Teller was TALKING (that was weird)... and I didn't have my camera. So we were slightly bummed. Until I suggested that we be lame enough to go back the next night after the show. With my camera this time. So we did.

This is just a cute picture of hubby. I enjoy it.

And of course I love this one. Betcha didn't know Teller and I are BFFs.

And no, hubby didn't get giddy. But he does look pretty excited in this pic.

And I think this is my fave. I wore flip flops because I KNEW I would look like a midget with Penn. And I do. It's hilarious.

And how do you end the night when you've met one of your heroes? With the best burger around of course.

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