Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I slacked off last week. Soooorry. This week I thought I'd make a list for hubby. Target has seriously been slacking off in the Halloween t-shirt department the past couple years. Hubby used to find two or three shirts he loved every year. But not recently. He actually did find a couple this year. But not like the ones they used to have. So I did a little searching online and found some shirts he might wear. And if your man (or you, if you're a dude) is even close to as cool as my husband... he (or you) might enjoy these as well.

I found this first bunch at FlippinSweetGear

And I found all these freakin' awesome ones at CafePress

Surprisingly, it's a little difficult to find shirts online that aren't lame. There are countless ones saying some crap about "this is my costume" but that is SO not hubby. We dress up. That's what Halloween is for! I love all the ones above and if I had the money I'd totally buy some up for hubby. But not enough money is the story of my life right now...

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