Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You'll have to wait for wedding pics, because I really didn't take too many. I mean, there are some from getting ready, and some from the reception, but not a huge amount. So you'll wait. Because I say so.

How about a few Vegas pics?

I don't remember if I tweeted it, but I totally won some money. We were in poopy moods Monday because the place we wanted to get dinner at on Sunday was closed. And then the place we wanted lunch on Monday was closed. So on a whim we sat down to play some slots before looking for another place. And I totally won!

Okay, it was only a little over thirty bucks. But hey, that not bad! I used it to buy stuff at H&M and the swap meet later. (If you're wondering, we were at the Silverton when I won, which made hubby love the place that much more.)

No, this isn't a random picture of Domo (and don't you dare ask who Domo is). 7-11 has Domo cups!!! Which made me stupid happy. So we got some after we got cupcakes (which will be a different post). Coffee is better in a Domo cup.

We also eventually went out on Monday. But I was kind of a slacker and didn't take many pictures on this trip. So my Vegas posts might be kind of wimpy. But there are a couple good ones coming up later this week! I promise.


MalContent said...

Man, you're totally milking the Vegas trip for blog material, aren't you? Lol.

You did indeed tweet both the money win and the Domo cup.

The first time I saw they had them at 7-11, I just knew you would be deliriously giddy about them. *grin*

tbrincefield said...