Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Giveaway Win!

Okay, instead of making this one of those posts that takes up a full front page of my blog, I thought I'd condense the pictures into one slideshow. That's a whole lot less scrolling for you! And on the chance it doesn't work (which would totally fit with my life right now) I'm sorry. I'll attempt to fix it if y'all let me know.

So I was lucky enough to win...

  • my magnet that went up on my fridge right away, I love it!
  • my geisha girl postcard, which I mentioned will be framed like a little piece of art
  • stickers made my Less apathy. More cake (I think the puppies are my fave)
  • my girly skull charms
  • unbelievably cute charms also made by LAMC (I'm thinking cell phone charms?)
  • that sweet apple comb
  • my miniature cakes (also by LAMC)
  • that adorable juice glass that is sitting on my mantle because it's pretty much perfect for fall
  • and my sweet mini desserts!

I think now I need a little shelf/cabinet/display for my baby desserts. Wouldn't they be cute on a little shelf in my dining room? Maybe displayed by cookbooks or something... hmmmmm.

Thanks again to Melanye for the awesome giveaway! And if you haven't already clicked on one of the links to her blog, I suggest you go do so now. Or visit her super cute Etsy shop!

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