Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Week! Wednesday...

Oh lookie here. Another list. Sorry if you don't enjoy them. I do. And I know some of my readers who do. I know not everyone gets super into the holiday. And some people work for the Halloween version of the Grinch, so they have to do little things to get away with their celebrating. So here are some more subtle accessories.

I love this. You could totally play innocent if someone said you were too festive. "But, I'm really into arachnids! It has nothing to do with Halloween!" (via beadifulexpressions)

These make me giggle. I'm not into the cutesy vampires lately (more like Edward and Eric), but these kill me. I'd wear them. (via emandsprout)

Check out this GORGEOUS headband. Flowers, netting, AND fancy skulls? I'll take one. And maybe a couple more in other colors. (via jammerdesignz)

I would get one of these for hubby. Seeing as how he's a tech, I see anything skeletal and think of him automatically. (via jesswitaj)

Don't you just want to squeeze this little guy??? I love his crooked little smile. It's marked as a magnet or a pin. I'd happily put him on my sweater. Or he'd look really cute clipped to a lanyard if you have to wear an ID at work. (via lizziboo)

Okay, this is rather large. It's pretty much a corsage made of fabric. AND I LOVE IT! I love the bigness. I love the colors. I love the feathers. It makes me sigh. And I have several black tops that would be perked up by it. [via flowertothepeople (even the shop name is awesome!)]

And now we come to this little piece of art. I. Love. This. Necklace. I think it's my favorite thing on the list today. I have a major thing for birds right now. And those flowers? Yes please. And the different shades of orange? *sigh* (via Gingeroni1)

I promise I'm done with all the Etsy goodness now. Really. I may even have a post later today. Yup folks. There's a possibility of two posts today.

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