Friday, October 16, 2009

Guns and Cars

Last time we went to Vegas (a couple years ago) hubby had one thing on his list we didn't get to. He wanted to go shoot a machine gun. See, we live in California where you can't do anything fun. So to shoot fully automatic machine guns you have to go somewhere else.

We didn't miss our chance this time.

I shot an MP5. It was fun, but it was over pretty fast (duh, it's full auto!). And I can totally see why you'd want one for a zombie apocalypse.

Hubby shot an AK-47. I love this pic, doesn't he look like a little kid on Christmas? His had a bit more kick to it than mine so he was feeling it in his shoulder the rest of the day. It didn't stop him from loving it though.

Okay, have you heard of Barrett-Jackson? In simplest terms, it's pretty much the biggest and coolest car event you've ever been to. They auction off insanely cool collector's cars. We've actually watched it on television before. So our visit just happened to coincide with Barrett-Jackson being in Las Vegas.

This made me happy...

Look at that pretty Camaro. I may have drooled a bit. We didn't pay to go in and wander around and watch the auction, but I kind of wish we had. There was a free driving expo outside so we decided to go check that out.

I AM SO GLAD WE DID. Can you see who's driving?
I took it around a short course. And I loved it. I want one. I might have been bouncing around for a couple hours afterward and randomly poking hubby in the arm saying, "Guess what? I drove a Camaro."

And that's the bulk of the interesting Vegas photos. We did go get cupcakes on a few different occasions and I of course took pictures of their beautimousness (yes, it's a word! I have a friend I say it with all the time). So there's that. But there ya go. My vacation in a few blog posts. Unless you really want to hear about the stuff that there's no pics of. You decide.

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