Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week! Thursday...


Sorry mom, that's what this post is about. You had to know it was coming. I mean, Claudia and I took off on a zombie tangent last week.

So, take me seriously or not people, but a zombie outbreak could totally happen. Scoff if you want, navigate away, call me crazy. But it could totally happen.

Hubby found this article last week. Okay, let's just start with my issue with the phrase "cheating death." If God wants you dead, you will be dead. Period. But what the article gets at is that by using hydrogen sulfide, you can suspend a body in it's current state. The body systems don't shut down, they just stop. Think of all those movies and television shows you've seen where a character just stops time and everything freezes. It's like that.

Now people might argue, "Oh, but if it's tested right and used correctly, it can totally save lives! What about an accident victim that could have survived if there had been just one more hour for the surgeons/rescuers involved?" And I get that scientists are seeing the benefits of this. But hubby and I discussed how this could totally lead to a zombie outbreak.

(This is the part where you laugh because my husband and I sit and ponder the possibilities of zombies and other such things that are thought of as ridiculous.)

The problem is that you are stopping a body, then reanimating it (a.k.a. bringing it back to life) at your command. Cells are shutting down. The door is wide open for some "freak happenstance" where the person is brought back, but their cells continue to not function. No breathing and normal life necessary. They would be a living dead person.

See? Zombies.

Okay, you could argue that it would be closer to immortality than actual zombies. But I choose to go with zombies. Because with this drug still being experimental there are all kinds of ways for trials to go wrong. Who knows? There may be side effects. Like a strange craving for brains...

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