Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Okay so I know I've mentioned that I started going to the gym again. If I didn't mention it here I know I've talked about it on Twitter. Anywho, I'm sticking to it and can feel a difference.

Now just because I'm going somewhere to work my butt off and sweat profusely doesn't mean I don't want to look cute. So I thought I would check out some cute things for the gym today...

running shoes

I'm probably in need of some new shoes anyway, so I picked out these three from Piperlime. I like cute running shoes, and I'd be fine with any of those brands.

workout bottoms

Good pants are important too. I can't take it if they're too baggy or if I'm constantly pulling them out of my butt (sorry for the visual, mom). These all look comfy. Although I'd likely have to hem the longer ones (stupid short legs). They came from Athleta, Gap, and Old Navy.

workout tops

And last but not least, I found some WAY cute tops. All of these came from Old Navy, Athleta, and Gap as well. How could I not want to go to the gym if I got to wear this cute stuff??
So there you are, cute gym things. I actually do have one cute top and one cute pair of capris. And I swear it helps! Because there's no need to look that frumpy at the gym.

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