Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Ahhh... do you smell that? Yup, fall is here. Even if it's still super hot for the first few days of fall around here. And you know what fall means... Halloween!!! We even took our first trip to the Halloween store yesterday since we had Tad. So you can guess what kind of things I'm wishing for today...

I did a little online wishing at Z Gallerie (which I don't think we have in my town anymore) and found all these goodies.

I love these napkin rings. They're just cool. I don't know if I'd want to put them away.

These are pleasantly creepy. Silver spiders? These could go anywhere.
I reallyreallyreally want a glittered skull or two. Or seven. You know, whatever.

And continuing with glitter, I love this. I think he would be happy on my patio.

I've seen these a hundred times, but haven't bought them. You could do Jello shots in these, right?

This wall sconce is GORGEOUS! And I think I could leave it up year-round if I had a little bit of black in my decor.
I could leave this pretty mirror up year-round too. Which makes its price a little nicer. But not much.

Again, I'm thinking of leaving this up. A chandelier (or several) is on my wish list when we get a house.

Candelabra. Matching everything previously. To make it spookier I could always stretch cobwebs around it.

And I want the bag of skulls seen on the left. I just got a deep vase for some pretty decor and it needs some stones at the bottom. Hubby wants to put skulls in it for Halloween, maybe with a couple black branches. These are perfect.

So there you are. I hadn't browsed Z Gallerie in a long time, I'll have to go back more often! It's probably a good thing I don't have the money for some of these purchases right now though. I could do some serious damage. Expect more Halloween stuff to come as we get closer!

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MalContent said...

I saw some skull mugs at a Starbucks/Barnes & Noble recently. I took a pic with my cell phone to send around but I totally forgot.

Those were fun though! I visited a Halloween store this week as well! But everything was ridiculously overpriced. Rassum frassum.