Saturday, September 26, 2009

Serious Cuteness

So remember a couple weeks ago when I was being crafty for a baby shower gift? Well, I finally got off my bum and uploaded pictures. So here ya go...

The cutest embellished onesies ever. I love this puppy material. And the tie applique? It pretty much makes me squeal.

Keeping with the theme of puppy... I love how these paw prints turned out.

And I was pleasantly surprised by how cute my dog house turned out.

This is possibly my other favorite. Right behind the tie. I just love the puppy silhouette.

And I had to do initials, which is what he's being called anyway.

There's a matching blanket. Yup.

How cute is all of that???? And I totally had fun doing it. I need more people to have babies so I can do it again. I totally have ideas for little girls too... involving ruffles...
Damn. There goes an ovary rumble.

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Michelle said...

those are SO cute!! great job...i absolutely love the matching blanket!

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