Thursday, September 10, 2009

Items So Beautiful I May Possibly Become Covetous

I know some of you very much enjoy my weekly list of items I strongly desire (otherwise known as my wish list). And after my funk yesterday, I thought I'd make it up to you today.

I know I've been going on and on about being ready for fall, but recently I've started looking at the vintage section of Etsy.

Oh the gloriousness of it all. Vintage section, I want to have your babies.

So I thought I'd share some of the amazing fantabulousness with you. Seriously, this stuff is eye candy.

I want this dress. Unfortunately my waist line wouldn't quite agree with being squeezed into it. But just look at it. Isn't it gorgeous? I would feel so grown up in it! (via Timeless Vixen Vintage)

And this beauty... *sigh* Pretty sure I would need the pearls to go with it. Gotta complete the look you know. (also via Timeless Vixen Vintage)

This is a sassy one! I can totally see wearing for a date night, or a girls' night, or one of my adventures watching my boys play. But I think I would go look for a pair of knockout yellow shoes. Because they would just work, ya know? (via Pretty Raccoon)

This necklace is just adorable. I love all the colors. They would make it go with pretty much anything. (via esbeads)

Okay, so a while ago I went garage saling with my cousin. And at one place there was this FABULOUS Samsonite luggage set in an amazing pearl color. Now I very badly want a vintage Samsonite luggage set. I would gladly accept this powdery blue. (via bushangie76)

How much do you love these shoes??? They look like the ultimate naughty secretary shoes! I would happily wear them for the upcoming bachelorette party for my sister. Or when I'm having a bad day. These things look like an instant pick-me-up. (via truly vintage)

These are equally fun, and crazy awesome! Pretty sure I'd be the envy of the club if I wore these to watch the boys play. (via hot vintage)

And then there's this baby. Ohhhhh how she makes me drool. I dream about her (okay, not really). But she's about $3,000 out of my price range. I told hubby that if he happens to come upon a few thousand bucks I would happily wear this. I'm in love. (via camellia collection)

So this isn't nearly everything I've been drooling over. The vintage party and wedding dresses make we want to get married again and have everyone dress in vintage. They're that amazing. I think I'll have to head over to my grandma's soon. I know she's still in possession of patterns for these types of goodies...

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