Friday, September 4, 2009


It's Friday.

Don't you love when I state the obvious like that for y'all? I just want to make sure no one's flipped into some strange time warp or something.

I'm still a bit tired from our camping trip (sleep just isn't good enough when you're on an air mattress) so for today, you get random tidbits.
  • Our hunting trip was unsuccessful again. Oh well.
  • I'm very much in the mood to sew, but mom needs her machine this weekend. Maybe I'll try to do some crafty stuff anyway.
  • I've decided that I want to do a lot of handmade stuff for Christmas. Which means I need to start, ohhhh three months ago.
  • We are four weeks out from the wedding. I may try on my dress just to see if I notice a difference from last time.
  • Anyone want to order cupcakes? I could use the cash and the creative outlet.

And a random question for any fashionable types reading: are leggings still in at all? I have a couple CUTE dresses that barely qualify as dresses and I don't know if leggings underneath are still acceptable.

Happy Friday! If I get inspired later I'll hook y'all up with a better post.

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