Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

By now I was hoping that the weather would have let up a little bit, but no. Today was another triple-digit day. While that is disappointing, it does have me looking forward to fall that much more. So don't be surprised if my next few wish lists are all based around fall fashion. It's kind of my therapy since I don't have money for any of these goodies at the moment.

So today I went for one of my favorite stores: Old Navy. That's right, everything you see today can be found there. How I love them and their affordability. So in case anyone was thinking of unbirthday gifts for me, a gift card would be splendid.

I think it's time for a new pair of jeans. No need to go overboard, but I could definitely use at least one new pair. And I very much want a relaxed-looking pair like these.

Since fall is still warm here, I figure I can get away with this super cute flutter sleeve top. I just love the colors in it!

I have a serious thing for purple. And a serious thing for jackets. This coat is beautiful and as soon as I get a job there's a good chance it will find its way to my closet.

Once again, we have some purple. I love cardigans, and I love the baggy fit of this one. I could dress it up or down and that makes me happy.

I'm not totally sure a shorty like me could pull off a long cardigan, but for this one I would try. I can already picture it with my boots I bought on clearance last year...

Here we continue with the purple. I told you it's a thing for me. But seriously, isn't this pretty?

I like this dress. It looks lightweight enough that I could even live with it right now. And then put some tights under it for winter.

And this dress is pretty and simple too. I like simplicity. The only thing that could be better is if it had purple... haha.

So there ya go. One more wish list for one more Wednesday. I kinda like how easy it was to pick everything out from one store, I may have to do that more often. Back tomorrow, hopefully with more camping stories for you. (I've been gone since Tuesday.)

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