Sunday, September 27, 2009


A friend mentioned something via Twitter earlier this week and it actually stuck with me a little bit. You know that AT&T commercial with the lost dog? If you don't, watch then continue reading.

This person mentioned, "Would that actually happen?"

Of course the immediate answer is no. Sure it's a nice idea that gives everyone the warm fuzzies, but do most people take the time to think about others in this day and age? Not often. Then I thought about it a bit.

Maybe small towns that people don't even realize still exist. You know, where you know your neighbors and there's one high school for the whole town. I can see it happening in those kind of places.

Where I am? Maybe. I can see taking a pic and sending it if I saw an adorable kid out hanging the signs. Who doesn't want to help out a sad kid?* And I think some people around here could actually be willing to be helpful.

I dunno, just an interesting thought for you today. What do you guys think? Do any of you live in that pleasant little town where the text message would spread like wildfire until the little girl got her dog back?

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MalContent said...

Speaking of warm fuzzies, I get them because you did a blog based on my random Tweet.

I do still love that commercial, so cute. And I do know little towns where that would happen (plus the commercial shows it being a college town, could happen).

I would go bats##t insane in a town that slow, though. Lol.